The Road Must Start Somewhere


Its me

(not Adele)

No, don’t hit back on your browser, you are in the right place.


Well, maybe if you were looking for the website on how to register for the next real estate seminar in Bellevue or Factoria, led by some guy who is only known for being able to buy his fame using radio adverts on KOMO news radio at 5.15am, then no, you are at the wrong website.(I think those things are most likely sponsored by Dockers and the hair club for men, but thats just me.)

OK also if you’re looking for advice on relationships, this is also the wrong website for you….but if you find a good relationship advice site, feel free to forward that one to me at


…..ANYHOW, Welcome to the new website for the music of Geoff Hirschfeld, This is the place where I am posting music including live recordings, blog entries, instagram, links to spotify and my twitter feed, and a few other things that will show up here very soon. You will be able to find where I am playing, where I have played, photos, and coming in the not too distant future, merchandise. I’m excited to do this because this is going to be a journey that we are all taking together.

Im very fortunate to work with some really amazing people who believe in the music that I am writing and performing, and it is inspiring to see these people who are world changers in their own right take the time and help me along in my journey. Ferris Bueller said it best: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Here’s to looking around a bit, and here’s to this lens into my life-I hope you enjoy.


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